Teeth Whitening Myths

At Creative Smiles we offer ZOOM Whitening, a 1 hr in-chair treatment, for only $395.



What you should know about buying internet based teeth whitening products.

We don’t need to tell you about the plethora of internet businesses offering teeth whitening kits that claim to make your teeth 8 -12 shades whiter, just open Instagram and you will see beautiful people with a great big contraption hanging out of their mouth.

Myth #1 LED Lights

These bulky looking contraptions use LED’s to emit blue light (430nm - 490nm), recommended to be fitted once the whitening gel has been applied. They claim this speeds up the whitening process. Wrong. Activation of whitening gel (the releasing of the ‘free radicals’) only happens under UV light and data suggests even this has minimal impact. Heat has absolutely no effect on teeth whitening. Zoom Whitening uses a specific light source that has a low enough frequency to enhance the release of the free radicals, thus engaging the active ingredients.

Myth #2 Whitening Gel

Check the ingredients of the whitening gel carefully. Many companies use Sodium Bicarbonate, which is an abrasive agent. Applying Sodium Bicarbonate to your mouth tray achieves very little as it has no bleaching capabilities. Most whitening gels are also full of glycerin and cellulose gum to make them thick and sticky, so they remain in your ill-fitting mouth trays. Look for gels containing hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. It is the strength of the bleaching agent that gives the best results. We use 25% hydrogen peroxide in our Zoom Whitening 1Hr Treatment.

Myth #3 Custom Made Trays

One size does not fit all. The generic sized mouth trays that are supplied with the teeth whitening kits are not specifically molded to your mouth, thus the whitening gel will not be distributed evenly over your teeth, creating patchy areas. A custom made mouth tray taken from a mold of your mouth by your dentist is the most effective way to whiten teeth, and they last for ages.