Teeth Whitening

The lastest  Zoom! 3 in chair Whitening System, which is the number one seller for whitening in America, will make your teeth dramatically whiter in just under an hour. teeth_whitening_page Teeth darken over time for a variety of reasons: coffee, tea or tobacco consumption, certain antibiotic use, or simply age. Should you find yourself unsatisfied with the colour of yours, several options are available to whiten your smile: 1. In-office bleaching 2. At-home bleaching 3. Whitening toothpastes In-office bleaching (also called chairside bleaching) requires a visit of approximately one hour. The dentist  will apply a bleaching agent to your teeth, and will use extra light to quicken the work of the agent. Your gums will be protected from the bleach by either a gel or a rubber shield. At-home bleaching requires purchasing a peroxide-based bleaching solution from your dentist.  These solutions bleach the tooth enamel. They usually come in a gel form along with a bleaching tray, similar to a small mouthguard.  You then place the gel into the mouthguard and use for one hour, once or twice a day. The duration of the treatment varies but generally takes around one week. One of our dentists will help you decide on the duration and intensity of treatment best suited to your needs. Whitening toothpastes differ from bleaching because they do not permanently alter the colour of the teeth. They simply contain polishing agents that remove deeper stains from the teeth than regular toothpaste. Teeth whitening is a safe and popular form of cosmetic dentistry. According to the American Dental Association, 96% of users report a whiter smile. Dentists warn, though, that teeth whitening is not for everyone. Tooth-coloured fillings, for example, do not respond to bleach and will stand out against a newly whitened smile. Before you begin a treatment, talk to one of our dentists about your specific needs. Together, you will determine if teeth whitening is the best option for you. zoom1 zoom2 The Wow Factor™ - Whitening Teeth Celebrity smiles with beautiful white teeth are now available for everyone, thanks to the newest whitening technology to reach Australia. The Wow! Factor with New Zoom! Advanced power is a major step forward in the evolution of the Zoom! Technology, as seen on television’s extreme makeover shows. What’s the “wow” factor? Robert Hayman, tooth-whitening designer from Extreme Makeover and Discus Dental USA, says: “It’s what comes into play when patients wanting whiter, brighter smiles are absolutely blown away by their results. We designed this technology with one goal: to achieve the whitest teeth possible. Zoom! Advanced Power clearly achieves this goal. ”In approximately 1 hour your teeth can lighten up to 8 shades lighter, or more. We also recommend a take home kit to maximise your results. Feel free to discuss your options with one of our qualified Zoom! Dentists.
Please Note: Results vary from person to person. Results are not guaranteed and in some people the teeth do not respond at all. zoom3