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About us

About Us

At Creative Smiles we provide advanced restorative and cosmetic dental solutions with outstanding professionalism to the highest standard. 

Creative Smiles endeavours to keep prices for all cosmetic services as low as possible and affordable to everyone. Our half price Cosmetic Dentistry is based on Melbourne prices averaged across our large range of services. In addition we source from reputable laboratories which produce quality Australian made products.

Our Team

Dr Reg De Sousa 960

Dr Reg De Sousa

Dental Surgeon

Dr Nimisha Bhatia 960

Dr. Nimisha Bhatia

Dental Surgeon

Dr Lisa Matthews 960

Dr. Lisa Matthews

Dental Surgeon

Dr Julie Vo 960

Dr. Julie Vo

Dental Surgeon

Dr Reza Zamani Creative SMiles Dental Expert

Dr. Reza Zamani

Dental Surgeon

Dr Claudia Braybon 960

Dr. Claudia Braybon

Dental Surgeon

craig Woolward

Dr. Craig Woolward

Dental Surgeon